Wees lief, loyaal en shop lokaal

about us

This is the story of two women, Sharon and Marjolijn, who share the ambition to support small and local businesses and ultimately turn them into thriving success stories.

One day, Sharon had an idea resulting in the birth of Amsterdam Small Business Network. She started her career in one of the world’s leading financial management companies, managing large technical projects; responsible for enabling people to see through the fog and give them direction. She is a people person who likes to organise parties and social gatherings; thrives on sourcing resources, finding new and exciting products, discovering that local business and supporting her local community. Super organised, and knowing how the circus clown feels trying to juggle ten items at once, Sharon is but one person with one pair of hands. She knows many things, but no one person knows everything! Sharon required a wingwoman.

Enter Marjolijn: born into a family of passionate entrepreneurs who run several businesses alongside each other as effortlessly as they drink their coffee. She studied and worked abroad for many years, gathering all sorts of experience such as organising other people’s lives, planning performances for a ballet theatre, purchasing silk from China and handling the marketing for an international online travel agency. But she wanted more and she wanted it smaller, meaning local. So as the logical, creative yet commercial thinker who loves working in pairs, together with Sharon, they make up the well-balanced team behind Amsterdam Small Business Network.

The next chapter of this story will be an exciting one. With copious amounts of valuable feedback we are clear where we are and where we want to go. Our plans are big, our ambitions even bigger.

So grab your jam, yoga mat, camera and graphic design tools, whatever you can manage. Everybody knows successful people love challenges. So let’s go. You’re coming with us aren’t you?

We are incredibly excited to announce the
ASBN Pop-up Boutique

The event will take place on Sunday 18th August and is open to the public
It will be held at The Lobster House, Frederiksplein 6-8hs, Amsterdam from 11:00 to 18:00

The Lobster House is a creative, atmospheric space that boasts a magnificent bare brick wall; an excellent way to showcase your own photographs; an open kitchen for our foodie businesses and a wonderfully bright skylight area which has great potential for a photo shoot or even a fashion gallery. The space is a blank canvas and is screaming out for your creative ideas.